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Manuli hoses are categorized according to a unique G.H.P. System, which helps users to identify the type of properties required for their specific applications. The Manuli G.H.P. System for hydraulic hoses comprises the following 3 categories:

Suitable for a wide variety of general hydraulic applications, the Global Standard range of hoses are designed to meet the requirements of various international norms, including ISO, BS, SAE and JIC. Featuring some of Manuli’s most successful and widely used product lines, the Global Standard range offers high quality and reliability in most standard hydraulic applications.

These hoses are designed to meet and exceed international specifications, making them ideal for high-performance products and harsh environments. Suited to both OEM and aftermarket maintenance these hoses are split into two sections according to the selection criteria across the range. As such the range comprises hoses that use traditional design methodologies where working pressure varies according to the hose size, and Isobaric hoses, where working pressure is constant across all sizes according to the specifications of ISO 18752.

A superior range of products designed for the utmost performance in specific applications, these hoses are designed to surpass expectations and requirements. Featuring some of the most advanced hose designs on the market today, these products demonstrate what can be achieved when decades of experience, intelligent design, and collaboration with industry leaders are brought seamlessly together. Many of the hoses in this range have advanced properties or are designed to resist specific environmental challenges.