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Bel-Ray is a well-known brand that specializes in manufacturing high-performance industrial lubricants. They offer a wide range of lubrication products specifically designed for various industries, including automotive, aviation, marine, mining, construction, and more. Bel-Ray industrial lubricants are known for their quality and ability to provide superior protection and performance in demanding applications.

Penn Equipment has been a dealer for Bel-Ray Lubricants for the past 22 years. Our dedication to delivering lubricants to the anthracite region is widely known.

Here are some of the industrial lubricants offered by Belray that can be purchased through your Penn Equipment sales rep:

Hydraulic Oils: Bel-Ray provides hydraulic oils that are formulated to ensure smooth operation and protect hydraulic systems from wear, corrosion, and oxidation.

Gear Oils: They offer gear oils designed to provide excellent gear protection, reduce friction, and minimize wear in industrial gearboxes, transmissions, and differentials.

Compressor Oils: Bel-Ray's compressor oils are formulated to provide lubrication and cooling in various types of air compressors, ensuring efficient and reliable operation.

Greases: Bel-Ray offers a range of greases suitable for different industrial applications. These greases provide excellent lubrication and protection in high-temperature, high-load, and extreme conditions.

Chain Lubricants: They provide chain lubricants that offer exceptional anti-wear properties, minimize friction, and extend the life of chains used in industrial machinery and equipment.

Wire Rope Lubricants: Bel-Ray's wire rope lubricants are designed to protect and extend the life of wire ropes used in cranes, elevators, mining equipment, and other heavy-duty applications.